The Ramonas: Victoria Smith

noviembre 21, 2018

Tribute bands often have even more fun by stepping into the shoes of their heroes. Many bands took their first steps playing other people’s songs and sometimes even wearing their clothes. Pretending to be  The Ramones every night is a demanding role, but this is what Victoria Smith and her band The Ramonas did before writing their own songs. 

Victoria plays—or more accurately attacks—the bass for the -punk girl band, but before that she was involved with the pop-punk outfit: The Sarah Michelles.  



N: What are the most important qualities for a bassist to have?

V: Firstly I would say you need to have good feel and lock in with the drummer, know when to keep your parts solid and when to be creative.

N: Give us a snapshot of the making of the last studio album with the Sarah Michelles.

V: The last studio album ‘Dubious’ was a double album and involved everyone who had been a part of the Sarah Michelles over the years, it took a while to complete. I love the songs so it was a pleasure recording bass for it.

What are your best/worst memories of the days with the band? Shows, recordings, other, etc…

The Sarah Michelles were great to watch live, before I was involved I went to many shows. It was great to part of the last studio album and record bass, although it hasn’t had an official release…yet! The only bad thing I’d say is it’s a shame there aren’t any official music videos out there.

N: What were your favourite songs?

V: Before I was involved with the band I used to listen the 2nd album ‘Ludicrous’ all the time, the whole album is brilliant, proper good time pop punk with the comedy thrown in.

N: The song: Joey Ramone. What are your thoughts on that track? What punk and The Ramones mean to you?

V: I love this track and the Ramones are one of my favourite bands, for me they are the beginning of punk rock. A lot of their material is basically pop/rock n roll songs played fast and delivered to the point, the perfect combination! Myself and Ali have just started a new punk band called ‘Cockwomble’ and we’ve added the track Joey Ramone to our live set. (http://cockwombleband.com/)

N: The name of the band and the Sarah Michelle song. Were you fans of Buffy?

V: Ali is a huge fan of Buffy, he even named his Les Paul guitar ‘Sarah Michelle’.

N: Are you getting back together?

V: We’re currently focussing on ‘Cockwomble’ but you never know what might happen in the future.

N: Finally, tell me a little about The Ramonas debut album.

V: ‘First World Problems’ is the debut album from The Ramonas, after years of being a tribute act we felt it was a good time to release some of our own music. It’s still punk but mixed with more grunge, rock and blues influences. We’re currently working on a follow up release. Our latest music video can be found here:


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